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Santa's Sleigh

Santa is coming to town and he wants to meet you!

The Head Elf will be tracking Santa at
approximately 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM each day.

Be sure to check out the Santa Tracker by clicking on the button below, so you don't miss out on Santa!


Santa's Schedule

12/9/17 - Monday

12/10/17 - Tuesday

12/11/17 - Wednesday

12/12/17 - Thursday

12/16/17 - Monday

12/12/17 - Tuesday

12/17/17 - Tuesday

12/18/17 - Wednesday (Rain make up day only)

Santa Sleigh with police truck
Santa with kids
Santa Sleigh at night
Santa Sleigh montage
a woman and child sitting on a bench with santa clause
a parade float decorated with christmas lights and decorations